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uPVC Door & Window Lock Repairs

Maidstone, Tonbridge and Medway residents can rely on us to repair and secure faulty locking systems on uPVC and wooden double glazed doors and windows.
We service patio and french doors and conservatories by repairing or replacing failed door and window locks.

Early Warning Signs

If you can't lock a door when it is closed, the door may just need re-aligning, but if it won't lock even in an open position then it's most likely a faulty mechanism.
Problems like this will need servicing sooner or later.
Remember, it's always going to be cheaper to repair a working door than one jammed shut in a locked state.

Repairing Lock Mechanisms

We'll always try to safely repair faulty mechanisms and we carry all the common replacement spares on board.
If the lock assembly is beyond repair we carry complete new branded mechanisms. Either way we can usually solve your problem on our first visit.
If we need to order a special unit, we'll return to fit it at no extra cost, at a time convenient to you.

Multipoint Locks

Multipoint describes a locking system with a strip running down the length of the door carrying hooks which will engage with keeps mounted in the door frame.
There are many variations on this theme, including versions for wooden or composite doors.
We are expert at repairing or replacing any of these mechanisms when they misbehave.
Problems you may encounter are door hinge misalignment, making the door difficult to close,
worn gearbox causing unreliable locking, a faulty cylinder preventing your key from turning or
most aggravating of all - lost or stolen keys.
Calling us out for your particular problem will cost less than you might think - and a lot less than hiring a tradesman who just replaces faulty parts without assessing the root cause of the failure.
For missing keys, drilling out your lock is always a last option and never our first choice.
Our experience in non-destructive entry means we usually gain entry quickly without any damage.

24 hour Emergency Phone Number

call ­01622 ­410057 for help in the Maidstone, Tonbridge and Medway area.